Labor/Birth Support:

**Serving Swainsboro & surrounding areas, up to one hour travel,
including Metter, Soperton, Statesboro, Vidalia & Dublin, after April 1st, 2014.
(Anything over 60 miles is welcome, but will cost $5 per 20 miles round-trip.)

*FREE Consultation Meeting: (28-35 weeks)
We would meet at a public place of your choice, time & convenience, to get to know one another, and for you to find out if I am the right birth companion for you. We will discuss your ideal birth, fears & concerns, and you are welcome to ask any questions that you may have, as well as what you are looking for in a doula. You will be given until 35 weeks to contact me, to hire me as your doula.

*First Prenatal Visit: (32-36 weeks) $115 due at this time.
(~Or $165 due per meeting if purchasing placenta encapsulation as well.)
We would meet at a public place of your choice & time once again, preferably over lunch.
We will then discuss your birth plan, options, pain medication scale, ethics/standards,
as well as openly communicating & continuing to get to know each other.

*Second Prenatal Visit: (34-37 weeks) $115 due at this time.
We would meet preferably at your home, meet your partner if not done so already, sign agreement contracts & open-active listening/communication. We will also explore my doula bag & watch your choice of either "Doula! The Ultimate Birth Companion" or "The Business of Being Born." 

*Labor/Birth Support: (37-42+ weeks)
I would go "on-call" at 37 weeks, and will remain so until the onset of labor & up to two weeks after you give birth to your baby. I will offer continuous physical, emotional & informational support,
as well as verbal encouragement & reassurance to you and your partner.
I can also take photos or video of the birth, if desired.

*Breastfeeding Support: (Up to 2 weeks postpartum)
I also offer lactation consulting while in your birthing place, if necessary, and 24/7 call, text & e-mail support postpartum. No payment is due at this time. I want you to take this time to bond with your baby!

*Postpartum Visit: (1-2 weeks) $115 due at this time.
After your birth, I will be available any time that you need me, for breastfeeding suggestions & newborn
questions or concerns. I will visit your family in your home within two weeks postpartum to see how everyone is doing, discuss your birth & offer any additional resources, if needed. ~$350 TOTAL PAYMENT