I will no longer be providing labor support/attending births at this time,
due to lack of childcare...

*BUT I will, however, still continue to offer prenatal services, such as answering any questions & addressing concerns you may have, an intro to childbirth education, helping you make informed decisions regarding your birth plan, teaching your partner how to be the best birth companion possible, as well as 24/7 on-call postpartum, newborn & breastfeeding support, and a lending library at no extra cost. This includes one free consultation, one prenatal meeting & one prenatal visit (the Daddy Doula Training) for $200 total, or $100 at each meeting, and optional placenta encapsulation with a complimentary postpartum wellness visit for $350 total, that can be broken down into a flexible payment plan as described below.

Please see the Placenta Encapsulation tab for more info! :)

*FREE Consultation Meeting: (28-35 weeks)
This will take place in the comfort & security of my home, as a casual way to get to know one another.
We will discuss your ideal birth, fears & concerns, and you are welcome to ask any questions
that you may have, as well as what you are looking for from my services. You
will be given until 35 weeks to contact me, to hire me as your prenatal doula.

*First Prenatal Meeting: (32-36 weeks)
$100 due or $115 with Placenta Encapsulation
We would meet at a public place of your choice & time, preferably over lunch.
We will then discuss your birth plan, options, pain medication scale, ethics/standards,
as well as openly communicating & continuing to get to know each other.

*Second Prenatal Visit/Daddy Doula Training: (34-37 weeks)
$100 due ($200 TOTAL PAID) or $115 with Placenta Encapsulation
I would preferably come to your home, meet your partner if not already done so & open-active listening/communication, as well as a brief intro to childbirth education. We will also explore my doula bag & watch your choice of either "Doula! The Ultimate Birth Companion" or "The Business of Being Born." These items, including a few select books are available to borrow at no extra cost.

*Early & Active Labor/Postpartum Support: (37-42+ weeks)
I would go "on-call" at 37 weeks, and will remain so until the onset of labor & up to two weeks after you give birth to your baby. I will offer continuous verbal, emotional & informational support,
as well as mental encouragement & reassurance to you and your partner.
I am available 24/7 following this time.

*Mama & Me/Breastfeeding Support: (Up to 2 weeks postpartum)
I also offer postpartum & newborn support, as well as lactation consulting,
if necessary, with 24/7 call, text & e-mail contact.

*Postpartum Wellness Visit: (1-2 weeks)
Complimentary when purchasing placenta encapsulation.
I will visit your family in your home within two weeks postpartum to see how everyone
is doing, drop off placenta capsules, discuss your birth & offer any additional resources, if needed. 
Remaining balance of $115 for P.E. due for a total of $350 PAID. Cash or checks only, please. Thank you!